Indomer Coastal Hydraulics (P) Ltd. is the leading oceanographic company in India promoted by the team of former scientists of National Institute of Oceanography (CSIR), Goa. Indomer has taken up more than 500 projects during last 15 years related to Marine EIA studies for ports, seawater intakes and marine outfalls, seabed investigations on bathymetry, shallow seismic and side scan survey, measurements on currents, tides, waves, MIKE 21 modelling studies on: mixing of hot water and brine discharge, nearshore wave transformation, wave tranquility inside harbour, littoral drift, shoreline changes, siltation in channels, dredge disposal and oil spill.


Indomer has bagged the prestigious World Bank Project on
“Measurements on Hydrodynamic Data along Odisha Coast”

      MD's Desk

I brought out a transcript ‘Mission Accomplished’ on our experiences in ICZM Odisha World Bank project. The stages of planning, resources development, personnel management, difficulties and challenges involved in the process of execution and completion of the project are described with reference to Regional Coastal Process Study conducted in Odisha. The main intention of this exercise was to give a useful piece of information to those who venture into oceanographic projects particularly in Indian waters, which is indeed a good testing ground to assess one’s own power of tolerance, endurance, leadership qualities, and
adaptability to any challenging situation.

Although I have executed nearly 150 projects in National Institute of Oceanography and another 500 projects in Indomer over the last 37 years, the kind of experience I gained under this World Bank project was unique and has indeed sharpened my capability.

I can rather rank the key factors in following order which brings out success in oceanographic projects. Thorough technical knowhow - Latest & adequate Infrastructure Highly qualified Team leaders - Commitment of the team members Co-operation of public and other organizations - Friendly attitude of client -Sophistication and skill in data processing - Stringent safety procedure - Smooth financial flow - Attractive financial package to workers - Friendly and sympathetic attitude towards employees and above all the Blessings of God.’


      Quality Policy

      Adopt defined procedures, methods and latest technology, use relevant equipments, tools and software, employ qualified and efficient personnel


       achieve reliable results on ocean dynamics, its morphology and environment to meet customer needs and expectations by continually improving performance