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The 24th October 2014 is the memorable red letter day in the history of Indomer. NABET - QCI has considered Indomer for Accreditation on Category - A projects to carry out Terrestrial and Marine EIA studies on Sectors: i) Ports & Harbours and ii) Pipelines. We could achieve this distinction because of our esteemed clients who assigned us studies all these years and expressed appreciation of our quality of service coupled with professional approach and expertise, which inducted the necessary motivation and zeal to move forward. I take this opportunity to whole heartedly thank the QCI Assessors and our FAEs - Dr. Apurba Gupta, Mr. Ramdas A Wani, Dr. B.K. Patel, Mr. Nanaji Kairika, Mr. Vivek P Navare, Dr. Alfred R Selvakumar, Dr. Arun Narhar Kadam, Dr. Terry Machado, Mr. K. Dharmalingam and AFAEs - Mr. N. Manikandan, Mr. V. Sasidaran, Ms. V. Vaigaiarasi. Their guidance, cooperation and above all deep involvement to minute details paved way to reach this milestone adding a new feather to our crown of success.

At the same time, I feel so sad to record that the 12th October 2014 was a black day for Visakhapatnam and the adjoining coastal stretch which was swept away by Hud-Hud cyclone. At 1130 hours it had its Landfall at Kailasa Hill with wind speed exceeding 180 kmph, storm surge of around 1.8 m and with the maximum wave height reaching 15 m. It caused heavy damages to the coastal structures at Muvalaanipalem, Gangavaram, Visakhapatnam and Bhimnipatnam. Indomer sent communications to the port organisations conveying its readiness to assist them in whatever way possible in restoring the affected areas to its original state.

On the other hand, God was great to dissipate another equally dangerous cyclone - Nilofar approaching Nalaya coast in Gujarat.

- Dr. P. Chandramohan.


Adopt defined procedures, methods and latest technology, tools and software, employ qualified
and efficient personnel towards obtaining the goal of reliable and quality results


ocean dynamics, morphology, design of coastal structures, environment impact assessment
and sustainable development,


meet customer expectation and enhance satisfaction by continually reviewing
and improving our skill and communication.   

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