Newsletter - Jan & Apr 2016

01 July, 2016

Vol.7, No. 1 & 2


It gives me immense pleasure to revive my talk with my delightful readers through this desk after a long spell of 17 months (November 2014 - March 2016). Due to general slowdown in business resulting in unfavorable economic situation, the popular FLOAT Quarterly News Letter was by force kept on hold. Now, we have made the FLOAT to float again to reach your hand. Of course....


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Newsletter - Oct 2014

01 Dec, 2014

Vol.6, No. 4


The 24th October 2014 is the memorable red letter day in the history of Indomer. NABET - QCI has considered Indomer for Accreditation on Category - A projects to carry out Terrestrial and Marine EIA studies on Sectors: i) Ports & Harbours and ii) Pipelines. We could achieve this distinction because of our esteemed clients who assigned us studies all these years and expressed appreciation of our quality of service coupled with professional approach and expertise, which inducted the necessary motivation and zeal to move forward...


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Newsletter - July 2014

01 July, 2014

Vol. 6, No. 3


I must record with a sense of utmost satisfaction of the overwhelming response received for Indomer's Monsoon Offer to carry out coastal investigations for Government and Private sector projects. Indomer considers this as an opportunity to be a part of Government's initiatives and efforts to give a new dimension to the development of infrastructural facilities on the ocean front. Now, with the new Government taking over the reign, the lull situation reported in the last "Float" will disappear as a thing of the past...


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Newsletter - Jan & Apr 2014

Jan & Apr 2014

Vol. 6, No. 1 & 2


I share the great pleasure that Indomer has completed its sweet 16 on the 14th April 2014, and galloping into the 17th year of the service. I personally take this occasion to thank all patrons from various industries for extending great support. I always feel proud that Indomer is one among the very few oceanographic organizations in India owned by Indians. Over the last 16 years, we carry the glory of completing 500 projects out of which 70 are the Marine EIA projects facilitated in getting clearances from MoEF......


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Newsletter - July & October 2013

July & October - 2013

Vol. 5, No. 3 & 4


Commander John Jacob Puthur has served in Indian Navy and he was the "Charge Hydrographer" in Naval Hydrographic Office, Dehradun. He led a Hydrographic surveying team to Antarctica, with the XVIII Indian Antarctic Expedition. He has immense knowledge on Oceanography & Coastal Morphology. His Book on "The Untold Story of a Coast" gives very useful information on formation of Coastlines, description of typical morphology of Indian Coastlines and various factors of shaping the coastline. His style of writing bears true testimony of his mastery of language and the lucid way of telling stories. All Coastal Engineers should have the copy of this book to understand the story of the coastline...


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Newsletter - April 2013

April 2013

Vol. 5, No.2


Being in the field for several decades and closely connected with developments of power plants, desalination plants, EIA studies etc has treaded a long distance in coastal engineering discipline. We feel, some transformation and overhauling of the system would be necessary. Amongst many options that may be available, on our part, we would suggest the following specific areas concerned with our professional practice.......


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Newsletter - Jan 2013

Jan 2013

Vol. 5, No.1


Coastline is a god-sent gift and blessing to mankind and it contributes more than 90% of trade and commerce to the global economy. India has a coastline of some 7600 km studded with 13 major ports and innumerable number of non-major and minor ports encompassing the ten coastal states. Coastline is such an invaluable asset and needs to be protected, preserved and above all studied in its entirety. While we have several institutions including IITs, RECs etc., offering courses on physical oceanography, ocean engineering, marine structures and some short term courses, engineering in its real sense and this is a big void in our academic system. ....


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Newsletter - OCTOBER 2012


Vol. 4, No.4


The Environmental and CRZ clearances accorded by the MOEF are being challenged by NGOs and other vested interests even on flimsy grounds more so on power plants. There are several instances where the EC has been stayed by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) as mentioned in the editorial. The reasons attributed are mostly procedural lacunae or such other flimsy reasons.....


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